Modular Kitchen

A kitchen design should be decided perfectly and in a unique way. The layout of your kitchen will decide the aspects of the kitchen to be located. ARK Interiors have some of the modular kitchen ideas for your house.

L-Shaped modular kitchen-is one of the common designs. It is ideal for smaller houses as it maximum usage is of available floor space. It provides maximum storage and can place a dining table in your kitchen.

Straight modular kitchen layout-This layout is best for studio and apartments as work flow basis is straight line. Kitchen space is minimum, while maintaining optimum efficiency.

U-Shaped modular kitchen-Ideal for large kitchen and is efficient for work triangle. It provides the majority space as well with large counter space.

Parallel shaped kitchen-This is the most efficient work layout, when it comes to cooking. The work place can be divided. This provides spacious counter place. It is easily adaptable for almost all types of kitchen.

Island modular kitchen layout-It can combine straight or L-shaped modular kitchen. This can also be used as an additional counter area.

G-Shaped or Peninsula modular kitchen-Almost similar to island model. This layout has spacious standing work space. Provides secondary counter. It can be accessed from three places. It is ideal for small kitchen areas.

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