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It is the idea of improving the designs of the building interiors to achieve aesthetically pleasant environment for the people who use the space. ARK Interiors always keep in mind about the main elements that has to be taken care while designing a house

ColourIt is an important element in house designing. It has a ability to recreate mood and refresh your mind. ARK Interiors always focus on providing a pleasing and pleasant mind by adding perfect colours to your house.

Space: This has 2 categories. Positive space containing objects, and negative spaces containing open or empty place. providing balance between each spaces. ARK Interiors knows how to balance between these aspects.

Texture:  ARK Interiors are perfect in finishing of the textures. We bring our uniqueness of the design. We are expertise in finishing, glossy, smoothness of the object or surface.

Pattern: When paired with colours, patterns offer same use to that of texture. ARK Interiors create new and innovative patters according to your house and design. We use patterns in various types such as geometric, organic, stripes, animal prints etc.

Light: ARK Interiors gives importance on the natural light to your house. But in some places your house do need man-made light, such as accent lighting, mood lighting, task lighting etc. We first address the activities of the particular place and then provide the suitable lighting effects.

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